Why Hamlet?
It’s Green
Buying and selling resale or refurbished saves materials, extends the useful life of great products and keeps waste out of landfills.
Trust and Safety
Compared to local alternatives, we 100% eliminate the incentive for theft through payment holds. We also partner with retail locations to create safe dropoff points with people around. There’s just no comparison.
It’s fast
Calendar scheduling, convenient locations and built-in dispute resolution eliminates the hassle, haggling and general stress compared to resale alternatives.
It’s affordable
Items sold on our site are always cheaper than buying new from big brand retail. Savings are almost always 20%+ and can be as high as 80% off. Same brands, better prices. (And oh by the way we also charge WAY less – like it’s free.)
It’s fun!
We have video enabled on the site, and you can share with your friends – we run event-driven promos and giveaways for popular items, sports and concert tickets and charity drives. Happy Sharing!