How It Works

Here's how we make it easy to buy & sell locally

  • 1
    Browse listings on Hamlet
    Create an account on Hamlet, then visit the Hamlet marketplace to view what’s for sale on your campus or in your city.
  • 2
    Purchase an item
    Buy an item you’re interested in securely with a credit or debit card. Select to have your item delivered or free pickup from a Hamlet location of your choice.
  • 3
    Schedule Delivery
    Automatically schedule your pickup time and place in advance -- every listing has available times and locations to choose from (including local store locations or delivery service to your door).
  • 4
    Enjoy Item!
    Don’t worry, we offer returns! Our support team handles dispute resolution, and you have an opportunity to inspect items at the point of sale for pickups.
“As a buyer, I’m able to get items within a couple days similar to buying new items online – it saves A LOT of time and money.”
- Melanie